The Opportunity Nation Policy Plan

At Every Child Matters, our mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap that keeps up to a third of America’s kids from equal access to the American Dream. We conduct nonpartisan issue campaigns in states and localities around the country, including during election campaigns, to raise the profile of issues affecting children. That’s why we’re thrilled by Opportunity Nation’s Plan of Action.



Shanequa Levin, Director of Every Child Matters on Long Island, is at the Opportunity Summit in New York for the release of the Opportunity Nation Coalition Policy Plan.

We especially love the inclusion of policies to address the opportunity gap as it affects younger kids:

  • evidence shows the anti-poverty safety-net does work to address hunger and homelessness;
  • we need universal pre-k and affordable, high-quality child care that pays providers a fair income;
  • strengthening and investing in families can break the generational poverty cycle.

During the presidential candidate selection process last year in Iowa and New Hampshire, our grassroots advocates had three presidential candidates – two Republicans and one Democrat – calling the opportunity gap one of the most important issues the next president and Congress will face. Voters live and feel these issues every day.

The opportunity gap doesn’t just harm kids and their families. It doesn’t just hurt communities. It holds back our economy and corrodes democracy.

So let’s break through in a bipartisan way with our opportunity agenda. Let’s elevate the national conversation about children and the opportunity gap.

And let’s make sure the presidential candidates talk about it during their debates. That’s what Every Child Matters will be trying to do on Long Island on September 26 and in Nevada in October. Follow our action at!