5 Tweets that Get Real about the Childcare Crisis

American families are struggling. With the cost of child care rising twice as fast as incomes, family budgets are stretched to the breaking point.

No one knows it better than the parents hustling to care and provide for their families. Check out these five tweets that tell it like it is.

  1. This mom is doing double-duty and still feels guilty! We need a national child care solution that supports working parents.

  2. When child care arrangement falls through, this mom still finds a way to make it work. Our childcare solution has to be flexible, because work and life are unpredictable.

  3. This dad knows summer isn’t all fun in the sun. Summer day care and camps are out of reach for most families.

  4. Here’s something to scream about: this fictional company has better family policies than most real ones:

  5. Parents know exactly what they need! It’s time for our policies to catch up.