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Dear Reader,
One way you can tell that August is in full effect is by how cold our nights have become.  Another way you know it’s August is because  our members of Congress are home.  August is a great time
to reach out to our representatives and express your views about why every child matters to you.  Ask he or she what they plan on doing for children.  Below are other ways you can step up for kids.  

Step Up Locally
Inform others that research indicates that school readiness starts long before a child puts on a backpack and heads to kindergarten.  Babies are born ready to learn. Adults encourage this capacity by providing very young children with the experiences and nurturing relationships they need to develop the skills that are related to their later success in school and in life.  Click here to read more from ZERO TO THREE on the importance of early care & learning. 

Step Up Statewide
Click here to see when and where your member of congress is appearing so you can ask them where they stand. Do they want to fund children’s programs or do they want to shut down the government? Do they want to guarantee every child has access to affordable health coverage or do they want to allow insurance companies to go back to denying care to children with per-existing medical conditions? This website gives lots of information on questions to ask and issues the country faces. If you attend a meeting, click here and let us know what your Member of Congress says.

Step Up Nationally
We have the chance to invest more and more wisely in our families and children. The President proposed an early childhood initiative to build more efficient and effective programs that prepare children for success in school career and life. Now we need Congress to consider the plan and act to grow America stronger through early childhood education. Show your support by writing a letter that discusses the importance of high quality learning and/or the positive impacts it has on youth and for our country. 
Mail your letter to:

Every Child Matters-LI

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Shanequa Levin
ECM-LI Director