Child Care Training Makes a Difference!

Child Care Training Makes a Difference!

Children need to be safe and learning in child care

Over 11 million children are in some type of child care setting every week.  But, few child care providers have training in the basics like CPR, first aid, and child development. 

Training can make a difference in the safety and school readiness of children, but the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), the federal law that sets the framework for the states to operate their programs, doesn’t require it.  As a result, child care training varies greatly among the states and few states have much in the way of training required.

When a child dies, it is too late for training.  When a child is injured, it is too late for training. Parents assume training is required. But, depending upon where parents live, that may or may not be true.  Training makes a big difference!  Contact your Members of Congress to tell them to reauthorize CCDBG and require states to set minimum training requirements for child care providers. For more information on NACCRRA’s training recommendations, click here.


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