Clinton Outlines Early Childhood Education Ideas

Candidate Hillary Clinton signaled recognition this week that issues affecting kids could be key throughout the year, declaring in New Hampshire two days after her national campaign launch that, “investing in children is one of the best investments our country can make.”

Clinton unveiled child care and early childhood education ideas at an event featuring children, parents and supporters at the newly-opened Stafford County YMCA in Rochester, NH on Monday, specifying access to “high-quality” pre-kindergarten for every US 4-year-old within 10 years and pledging tax cuts for middle class parents to improve child care affordability.

“Everything we need to do in our country really starts with how we treat our children and how we try to raise them,” Clinton said.

ECM has joined national allies such as Save the Children Action Network and local advocacy organizations in New Hampshire and Iowa to lift the profile of the early childhood discussion and build support across party lines for helpful policies.

As in past election cycles, every Republican and Democratic declared presidential hopeful is being asked for face-to-face meetings with voters, as well as in public appearances, to explain their vision for policies affecting children. We’ll continue to report on their responses.