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Service Opportunities at ECM-LI


There’s something about volunteering for your community that melts your heart and makes you feel warm all over. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re not expecting anything in return for your services; maybe it’s the joy of being able to make a difference in a person’s life; or maybe it’s just that you find yourself spending your time doing something that really matters to you. Whatever your reason may be, community service gives back to you as much as you do for the community, in terms of emotional fulfillment. So it’s only natural that you should get your children involved too, because their lives are going to be enriched by helping other people.

Click here for the ECM-LI Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Applications should be mailed or faxed to: Jonathan Cantarero

                                                                                    60 Calvert Avenue, Commack NY 11725

                                                                                    631-462-1617 (fax)

ECM-LI Volunteer Program!


*Be A Community AdvocateAttend fairs, parades etc. and get others to sign up for our newsletter so that they can be a voice for childrens issues

* Make PresentationsGo to local day care centers, organizations, PTA’s, etc. and speak about childrens issues on LI ,and about the difference someone can make by being an informed voter

* Linked HandsThousands of kids have donated artwork to help us hold elected officials accountable.  We need help linking the artwork together with string for a demonstration.  This project can be done at home.

* Material DropsDaycare centers need non-partisan voter material to distribute to their parents, and we need someone to help drop them off.

* Stuff BagsWe give out lots of material at community events and Halloween bags during the season.  We need help stuffing the bags.  This can be done at home or in our office.

* Material DistributionThese Street team members go throughout residential and business communities distributing materials that remind people to vote with kids in mind.

* RalliesWhen issues arise that will harm young children, we may have a rally or other demonstrations.  We would count on you to help make the rally a success.

* Smart MobThese individuals or group of individuals unknowingly to the public, break out in unison to present a powerful public message. This means we will be freezing, dancing, or stepping at various locations throughout Long Island with Get Out The Vote messages on our shirts. This can be done by yourself or with ECM.

* Door to Door OutreachTraveling throughout long Island’s residential neighborhoods knocking on doors is one of the best way to let others know that children need adults to vote for them.


Contact Every Child Matters on Long Island at (631) 885-8044 or by email at for more info on how you can be involved.

coollogo_com-276484303Every Child Matters truly believe that the youth that offers their time and services should be recognized, that’s why we’ve created the ECM-LI Patch! Troops can earn a patch by participating in the community service opportunities that are listed above.


For more info on how you can be involved or the street team meeting, email or call us: Every Child Matters – LI  631-885-8044