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You don’t need to be an expert, or have tons of free time, just someone who cares about children.




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Darlina Sanchez:Children of immagrants hope for change in Suffolk

                             – 2000 at Capitol for Education Lobby Day

                             – LI students to rally for education funding

                             – Students get lobbying lesson

                             – Black and Latino Vote on Long Island Will Be Critical in 2012

Stephanie Freese:Letters: NY’s difficult 2012 agenda

Lori Hieger:Letters: School budget tight for youngest

                      – Opinion: Cutting Kindergarten Not ‘Good Sense’

Rachelle Chambers: – Ready Nation Pledge

Camille Lacher-Lofaro: – QS2 Training, Providing ECM-LI Trainings, and including the ECM message into her daily advocacy

Suzanne Manaseri: – Introduced the ECM message to her PTA group, Providing guidance and support as an ECM-LI Advisory Memeber

Victor Perez: – Including the ECM message into his daily advocacy, and Rallying. Congrats to Victor’s new position and efforts with ‘SaveThe5thPrecinct’.

Bravo Supermarket: – ECM-LI Community Partnership

Bravo Bravo_Cmty_Partnership IMG-20120416-00037

Kathy Liguori: – Every Child Matters Corners at Tutor Time in Middle Island

             Tutor_Time_Middle_Isle1 Tutor_Time_Middle_Isle photo4

Tonya Thomas: – ECM-LI Street Team of Rockville Centre

          photo1 photo3 photo2



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