Congratulations, Iowa! You Have Your State Back

For most Iowans, it’s been about a year since you were last able to complete a thought without being interrupted by canvassers knocking, pollsters calling, political ads persuading, pundits speculating, and state leaders endorsing. At Every Child Matters in Iowa, our staff have been tirelessly traversing the state, chasing candidates down and putting them on the record on children’s issues.

You all deserve some peace and quiet. Well, at least for a little while. Although the Iowa Caucus is over, kids are still counting on us to build a better future for them and our state. With one in six Iowa children living in poverty, it is important that our supporters in Iowa stay engaged.

Iowa has a primary election coming up on June 7th, for both congressional and state legislative races. The filing deadline is March 18th and more will be known about primary races across the state. The general election will take place November 8th. Over the next nine months, take the time to understand the barriers facing our kids. You can share this knowledge and vote for candidates who will assure all kids have the same opportunities to achieve their goals.

Tired of elections? There are other ways to raise awareness about the importance of investing in kids. The Iowa Legislature will be working on developing a children’s mental health system; assuring education funding is appropriate to meet the needs of Iowa’s kids; and working through implementation of Medicaid privatization. Every Child Matters in Iowa works to give parents and community members the tools they need to become advocates. You can write a letter to the editor about an issue that matters to you, or talk to your legislator at the Capitol or when they are home for the weekend. Visit to learn about more ways to get involved.