Congress Is at Home. Make Your Voice Heard

Congress has adjourned for the month of August and has headed home. They face major issues when they come back in September – funding the government and children’s programs in 2014, implementing health care reform, protecting children from gun violence, and preventing the nation from defaulting on their obligations. Even though some members are hiding from the public, many members are holding public events in August.

Go to to see when and where your member is appearing so you can ask them where they stand. Do they want to fund children’s programs or do they want to shut down the government? Do they want to guarantee every child has access to affordable health coverage or do they want to allow insurance companies to go back to denying care to children with pre-existing medical conditions? This website gives lots of information on questions to ask and issues the country faces.

If you attend a meeting, click here and let us know what your Member of Congress says.