Congress Needs to Stop the Cuts

Our state and our country are continuing to recover from the Great Recession, and too many Granite Staters are still being left behind. By 2020, more than half of children in the U.S. are expected to be part of a minority racial or ethnic group. If the shamefully high poverty numbers for African American and Latino children stay so high, the future economic growth of New Hampshire and our country will be endangered as a larger proportion of our children grow up with less education and less connection to good-paying jobs. Increasing investments in programs like Head Start and safe, secure housing will give these children a better start and will benefit New Hampshire and our country as a whole as they become adults.

Members of Congress have a choice to make. They can continue to cut, forcing more Granite Staters into poverty and pushing our country backwards. Or they can stop the sequestration cuts so New Hampshire and the whole nation can expand – not cut – programs that prevent and eliminate poverty. And they can do so without cutting safety net programs like SNAP, low income tax credits like the EITC and CTC, and Medicaid.