Donald Trump Announces New Child Care Policy

After Question from Organizer, Trump Adds Affordable Child Care to Economic Agenda

Washington, DC, 8 August 2016 — Today, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump announced in a speech that tax-deductible child care will be part of his economic agenda.

This expands on Trump’s stance since a televised exchange last November between Trump and Every Child Matters organizer Jill Applegate, the first time the candidate spoke about the issue on the record.

In that encounter, Trump suggested that more U.S. businesses can and should offer child care for their employees. “It’s something that can be done, I think, very easily by a company,” Trump said.

Every Child Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works to make children a national priority. Throughout the 2016 election campaign, Every Child Matters has been calling on candidates to address issues that affect children and families.

“The cost of child care is a top concern for voters here in Iowa,” said Applegate, a field organizer for Every Child Matters in Iowa. “The fact that he announced a new policy shows that the grassroots organizing we are doing is paying off.”

Applegate also questioned Democratic nominee Clinton about the cost of child care during a rally in Waterloo, IA on December 13, 2015. Since that encounter, Clinton has released a child care agenda that includes a guarantee that no family would pay more than 10% of their income on child care.

Every Child Matters was founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) non-partisan children’s advocacy organization. Our mission is to make children a national priority.