ECM-LI Action Kit



The ECM-LI Action Kit contains tools that help you enhance your “Voice for Kids”. This Action Kit aids you with your involvement, keeps you aware, and allows you to educate others by spreading the word about children’s issues.  One example is our, “Homeland Insecurity” booklet which discusses the real issues facing our children.  The “Voter Pledge Cards” remind you about your promise to vote for someone who will put children at the top of their agenda.  The kit even includes an ECM T-Shirt, bumper stickers and wristbands that will assist you with striking up conversations around the workplace and community about children needing adults to stand up for them. 

This kit enables you to reach five people, families, and/or businesses so that they too can become a voice for children.  With resources like our “LI Brochure” and the “How to make Your Vote Count” guide, it will be easy for you to get others on board.  Even the kids themselves can get involved with our “Street Team Rewards Program” that awards movie tickets, pizza, and/or ice cream for educating and activating others in support of prevention for children’s issues. 

Every major corporation and special interest group has an army of lobbyists to be their voice to the government.  It is up to us to be the voice for kids and guard their wellbeing.  This ECM-LI Action Kit gives you concrete materials to “Be A Voice for Kids”.  You can also enhance the voice for kids by thinking out-of-the-box.  Create new ways to get others involved like, hosting a house party where an ECM representative will discuss issues facing our children; you can also spearhead an event or drive in your own community.  Whatever your plan, ECM-LI is here to assist, and we’re only a phone call, email or click away.  Make a smart investment by working to elect a President that works for kids.  We all know five people who are ready to “Step Up For Kids” but they won’t start until you show them how!  



1 – Voter Registration Form

1 – Every Child Matters T-Shirt

1 – Every Child Matters Bracelet

2 – Homeland Insecurity Booklets

2 – Every Child Matters Newsletter Sign-Up Sheets

5 – ECM-LI Fact Sheets

5 – Voter Pledge Cards

5 – Kids Need Our Vote Posters

5 – I’m Voting for Kids Bumper Stickers

5 – How to make Your Vote Count Guides

5 – T-Shirt sign up sheets

5 – Every Child Matters-LI Brochures

5 – 21 & Under Street Team Rewards Program Brochures

5 – Every Child Matters Contact Cards

5 – Event Fliers


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