Every Child Matters in Iowa Launches “Caucus for Kids” Initiative

New Poll Gives Candidates Poor Grades on Creating Opportunities, Bright Future for Children
Every Child Matters in Iowa Launches “Caucus for Kids” Initiative, Calls for Children’s Issues to be a High Priority

Des Moines, Iowa – New data released today show that despite a strong sense among Iowa voters that our current generation of children are unlikely to lead a better life than their parents, the 2016 presidential candidates are failing to adequately address the need to provide better opportunities for our kids.

The new data, released today by the Every Child Matters Education Fund, indicate that 75% of Iowa voters do not believe the candidates have done a good job of addressing the need to provide better opportunities for children.

“When a child gets a fair shot at success, America’s families, communities and the economy all benefit,” said Brian Ahlberg, President of the Every Child Matters Education Fund. “Voters want to know how the candidates are going to address the growing ‘opportunity gap’ so that the next generation can live healthy, educated, and productive lives.”

More than half of Iowa voters don’t think that today’s youth will have the ability to live better than their parent’s generation. The same number is unhappy with the lack of opportunities that can lift today’s youth up and enable them to live better than their parents.

Today’s release follows polling ECM in Iowa released in partnership with the Child and Family Policy Center in July indicating that over 75% of Iowa voters believe it is a high priority for the next president to address the health, education, and well-being of children.

To help address this staggering statistic, ECM in Iowa today launched “Caucus for Kids,” an effort by leading child and family advocates, to call on presidential candidates from all parties to tell Iowans how they plan to close the opportunity gap today’s generation faces and encourage Iowans to make kids issues a priority when they caucus on February 1, 2016.

“As the candidates storm the state of Iowa these next few months, we hope they’ll give issues like the health, education and well-being of children the time and attention they deserve,” said Kelli Soyer, Iowa Director, Every Child Matters in Iowa. “Iowa voters believe these issues should be a high priority for the next president. That’s why we will Caucus for Kids.”