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Dear Reader,

Happy Valentines Week!!!!  As we look out our windows, no one can deny that winter has made it’s mark.  With temperatures being in the teens, and snow covering the whole island, this months issue focuses on stepping up for homeless children.  Click here to jump to the issue of the month.

Awareness Strategy
This Valentines day send your law makers a Valentine’s Day card.  Include short handwritten messages that ask them to think about how each decision they make effects kids. Click here for names and addresses of your local representative.

Call to Action

*Please join ECM in letting the President know we want greater investments in kids so that we can be well on our way to eliminating child poverty, keeping all children healthy and safe in their homes and communities, and making sure all children have access to good early care and learning and after-school programs.  Click here  to read more.

*We received word that new estimates from the Obama Administration show that 600,000 babies, young children, and mothers will lose WIC nutrition aid if the automatic cuts scheduled to start March 1 are implemented – not 450,000. Click here to read more. 

A Word From The National Office of ECM

Congress Votes, Unheralded, to Stop the Killing of 2,500 Children

Soon, 12 individuals will be appointed to a commission by the President and Congress, charged with the daunting task of proposing a strategy to end the killing of our littlest citizens. The commission will wrestle with such questions as how best to identify children at the greatest risk of being killed and how to quickly gather different disciplines and institutions to surround the children in greatest trouble.  Click here to read more.  

Homeless children have gradually become a prominent part of a Third World that is emerging within our own nation. Despite their growing numbers, homeless children are invisible to most of us.  Without a bed to call their own, these children have lost safety, privacy, and the comforts of home as well as their friends, possessions, pets, reassuring routines, and communities. These losses combine to create a life-altering experience that inflicts profound and lasting scars.  Click here to read the full America’s Youngest Outcasts Report. 

Parenting Tip
Talking to kids about homelessness: Think about how you want your child to respond to the homeless – and how to explain it in a way that makes sense. Some parents want their children to be cautious around panhandlers; others encourage their kids to be friendly and show compassion.  Click here to read more from BabyCenter.com.

Announcements and Opportunities
*Come and join the Councils of Nassau and Suffolk on a fun-filled and informative bus trip to Albany and unite with them as they meet with representatives from the NY State Legislature. The bus trip is free of charge.  Click here for more information.

IssuesIssues: A look into homelessness
One in 45 children are homeless in America each year. Without proper supports, children carry the burden of homelessness for much of their lives. Homeless children experience more hunger, poorer physical and mental health, and fewer educational opportunities than children with permanent homes.  Click here to read more.

What’s going on locally

It is argued that some homeless people “want to live in the street.” This distorted view of homelessness is quite inaccurate.  More than half the homeless in Nassau County, and 75 percent of those in Suffolk County, are women and children, according to the Long Island Coalition for the homeless.  Click here to read more of this Newsday opinion letter.     

What’s going on Statewide

A non-partisan initiative to educate New York’s candidates on the importance of children’s issues – to ensure that when they make policy choices, New York’s kids are not overlooked, was created by the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy and others.  Click here to find out more.

What’s going on Nationally

There are 1.6 million homeless children in the United States. Click here to read a New York Times opinion article where Craig Blankenhorn (recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant) speaks for the victimized children of our country who aren’t even fully cognizant of their own poverty. Infants, young children and teenagers who are living on the streets, in hotel rooms and in their parents’ cars, forsaken by bad luck. It is Craig’s hope that photographs will show this problem to those who are unaware or have done their best to ignore this issue.

Resources Resources 
There are great  resources online that that give you facts, data and ways to take action. 

Among the great resources are:
Long Island Coalition For The Homeless 

Would you like to get your family/friends involved in the child homelessness discussion and action steps?  If so click here to contact ECM about hosting an informative house party. 


Shanequa (Shea) Levin
ECM-LI Director