Gallery-quality photos now available

Here’s your last chance to get a great piece of art and support children in need!

Prompted by a surge in child poverty and declines in other child well-being indicators, Every Child Matters and Colors of Life created an exhibit in hopes that a combination of art and history would open people’s hearts and minds to the challenges facing America’s children. These gallery-quality photographs of children were chosen from an international photo competition held in 2011 and, along with the Presidents Helping Children display, made a multi-state tour across America in 2012.

For a minimum suggested donation of $75*, you can select one of these gently used photos, printed on dibond aluminum.  These are one of a kind prints and once they are gone, they are gone. Please email to request a print or for more information.

*All or part of your gift to Every Child Matters, a 501(c)(3) organization, may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor.


by Georg Worecki


by Istan Kerekes


I Learn From my Father
by Yvonne Humphries


Life in the Dump Yard
by Rashid Probal

Paint Bucket Concert
by Kate Harmon


One Glove
by Mary Osinibi


by Katie Brennan


Innocence Fading
by David Lazar

Circle of Friends
by David Lazar

by Eric Balcanoff

by Eric Balcanoff


Child Beggar
by Jenny Ross

American Dream
by GMB Akash

I Will Save the World
by Susan Barnett


Refuge in America
by Sandra Chen Weinstein


A New Home
by SVV

Down on the Street
by Harry Longstreet


Homeless Girl
by Kenneth Marti


Please Help
by Kate Harmon


by Harry Longstreet

Way Out West
by Tom Chambers


That’s All
by Robert Houston

by Tom Chambers


Running Against Tradition
by Viviana Peretti

Enclave New York
by Viviana Peretti

Please Stop
by Binh Trinh

by Phillip Filtz


Child’s Destiny
by Istvan Kerekes


by Radhakrishnan Valappil


Little May and her Dad
by Yvonne Humphries