Get Involved

Every Child Matters works to make policy issues affecting children a national political priority, including during election campaigns. We urge candidates to support, and the public to demand, needed investments to close the opportunity gap facing America’s children and families.

With staff in several states, and through work with state partners across the country, we build grassroots support so that every child has a fair shot at the American Dream.

At Every Child Matters, we’re voting for kids. You can support us on social media, or use our Digital Dialogue to ask candidates where they stand on issues affecting children. You can contact your member of Congress, or find a local organization to help them empower parents and advocate for kids. We hope you’ll join us!



Step Up For Kids!

Step Up for Kids Day brings together thousands of people to show widespread support for investments in children and families. Join us!

Be a Child Advocate!

Make a difference by writing or calling your member of Congress or state legislatures. Try asking questions at a town hall meeting, writing a letter to the editor, speaking to a community group, and so much more! Read our “How To's of Advocacy” to find out all the ways you can ensure every child matters.