Get Your Step Up Stipend!

Friends and supporters of Every Child Matters, we’ve set this year’s Step Up for Kids date: it’s September 26!

Once again, we’re sponsoring a nationwide mobilization to spotlight issues affecting kids – just as we have every year since 2008. We’re looking now for children’s advocacy organizations in each state to participate.

Can your group draw attention to kids’ needs through fun, family-friendly events with a serious message? Let us know. We’ll provide the materials, message and logistical direction you need: t-shirts, how-to guides, conference calls, media help, even a small stipend!

Advocates around the country already have been highlighting the needs of kids and families during this cycle’s election campaigns. Let’s make sure voters in your state pay attention to what office-seekers are saying about our issues.

Did I mention the possibility of a small stipend?

If a different nearby date suits you better, don’t worry, we won’t hold you exactly to the 26th. We’ll tailor materials to your state and event, with logos and branding opportunities for all participating groups.

Need more information? Check out our Step Up FAQs here.

Please direct any replies or questions to Ursula Ellis in our Washington office at, or at 202-223-2443.

Please complete and return the short questionnaire below to apply for the $500 stipend we offer to a leading organization in each Step Up state. That’s right – a possible $500 stipend!

Don’t wait! And thank you! –Brian Ahlberg, President, Every Child Matters


To help you in thinking about your event, here are ECM’s general goals for Step Up:

  • Raising public awareness of the needs of children and families.
  • Getting candidates and elected officials at every level of government to present their plans for shifting spending priorities towards families and children.
  • Getting the media to cover the children and family issues and how state and federal governments are making the policy decisions to meet their needs.
  • Making America’s children a national political and policy priority.
  • Closing the gap that has formed over the years in our investments in children.
  • Using it as a non-partisan launch to encourage non-voters to register and everyone to vote with kids’ well-being in mind.
  • Distributing ECM materials before, during, and after the event.

What the event should/could look like:

ECM encourages each lead group and partners to come up with an event design that will work best for their state. The event should be fun but have a serious message. It should not focus solely on one issue but cover a gamut of overarching problems and needs, such as poverty; abuse and neglect; availability and affordability of quality early care and learning; access to after-school programs, sick and family medical leave, etc.

  • When? On or around September 26.
  • Where? State capitol building, large public parks, children’s museums, etc.
  • Focus? Children’s needs/issues in the state.
  • Audience/Participants? Children’s advocates, including service providers (early education teachers, child care providers, after-school personnel, members of the medical community) parents, grandparents, children, legislators, other public officials, members of the media.
  • Speakers? Service providers, advocates, experts, families and children with their own stories, a pediatrician…. It would be helpful if one of the speakers is well-known enough to draw media attention.
  • Entertainment & Refreshments? Absolutely. Previous events have included performances, games and activities for children, tours of the state capitol, give-away items, etc. Many states have received donated refreshments for their events.

Please complete the following and return to Ursula Ellis at




Your Name:


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Describe briefly the event you plan to host as part of the 2015 Step Up for Kids day. Please include any preliminary thoughts on:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Type of event
  • Speakers
  • Cosponsors
  • Anticipated audience

Signer agrees to send ECM a final update of the event with photos and press clippings or links to articles.



Authorized Signer for the non-profit lead organization