GOTV 2012




 On November 6th, 2012, America’s voters will select a U.S. president. This election will affect the lives of children even thought they can’t vote. They need YOU to make their voices heard. Below are a list of ways you can help to GOTV!

7 Ways You Can GOTV and Make A Difference for Children

1. Register to Vote.

2. VOTE on Election Day.

3. Host an ECM-LI House Party where ECM-LI staff will give your friends a presentation on how they can use 15 minutes out of their week to be a voice for kids.

4. Have a Pizza/ Pasta presentation at your school, child care center, or organizational facility. ECM-LI staff will give a presentation on how to use 15 minutes out of the week to be a voice for kids. We will provide you with the ECM tools and also provide pizza/ or pasta for your guests.

5. Take the T-Shirt Pledge and pledge to help spread the ECM message when you go out into your community. All individuals who participate in the pledge will receive a FREE ECM T-Shirt.

6. Have a Voter Registration Contest at your child care center, or school. The classroom with the most completed new voter registration forms will win an Ice Cream Party!

7. Sign up for the ECM-LI Newsletter and stay updated on children’s issues that are affecting our communities right here on Long Island.



Don’t forget to VOTE for KIDS on November 6th, 2012!