Hali's Highlights: What a busy week!

Welcome back to Hali’s Highlights! Thanks for checking back in for our latest updates. We headed back to our most frequented location the past few weeks – the State House! On Friday 11/13 we were there for Rand Paul’s filing where he spoke to a fourth grade class on the NH State House Steps. There have been some lucky groups from schools across the state! Almost every day we have seen a class or two of fourth graders meeting a Presidential Candidate! How cool!

Over the weekend our work was not done! It was debate night on Saturday night for the Democratic presidential candidates! While we wish for more conversations on children and family issues, we were happy to hear conversations on the topics of healthcare and college debt reform. For the specific quotes, head over to our twitter – @ECMNH – to see our live tweets from the debate!

On Thursday 11/19 we were back to see Jeb Bush file for the FITN Primary. MacKenzie and I were both able to shake his hand and say hello! While we were busy in Concord our Director, MaryLou, was in Manchester for the day with our MomsRising partners CEO Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner and State Director, Christina D’Allessandro visiting the offices of the top polling candidates with a gift and a message:

“Don’t remain anonyMOOSE on family economic security policies!”

The next day (11/20) we showed up to the State House to see Ben Carson and were greeted by many police and Secret Service. Because of the security measures we watched from afar as the last presidential filing was done!

Make sure you head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see pictures from all of these events.

Our next project in the ECM NH office is preparing for the Democratic Debate in Manchester on December 19th!

Thank you for reading and have a great Thanksgiving!