Happy President’s Day!

President’s Day was originally founded to recognize George Washington’s Birthday, but over the years it has become an occasion to celebrate all U.S. Presidents of the past and present. As we all know, our president plays a major role in shaping the country’s priorities. The Constitution gives the president the authority to command our nation’s military, to appoint diplomats, judges, and other officials, and to sign or veto legislation. At Every Child Matters, we are working to ensure the next President makes children a top priority.

So far in this election cycle, we have not heard enough about kids. In fact, a recent poll by Every Child Matters in Iowa found that 75% of voters believe the candidates have not done a good job of addressing the need to provide better opportunities for children. Therefore, we started the Digital Dialogue, an interactive web-tool where the public can engage with candidates directly about the issues that matter most for kids and working families. This tool also makes it easy to learn and share what the candidates are saying on the campaign trail.

One of these candidates will have the opportunity to make sure every child has an equal opportunity to live up to his or her potential. Celebrate this President’s Day by joining the conversation to make sure that happens. Every American child needs your voice!