Have you heard about the new Community Solutions Fund?

The Community Solutions Fund for Healthy Child Development was supported by the Minnesota Voice Coalition and Every Child Matters in Minnesota to address racial disparities in our state.

The fund will be overseen by a Community Solutions Advisory Council made up of community leaders and childhood experts. They will provide outreach, technical assistance, and development support to increase services to better meet the needs of families of color and American Indians. They will also assist with community grants.

Grants will be awarded to up to 20 organizations in 2018, with no grant exceeding $100,000, to groups proposing community-based solutions that improve the wellbeing of children of color and American Indian children across Minnesota.

The legislation to establish the fund is currently under consideration by the Minnesota Senate. Please call your Senator and ask him or her to support SF1173, the Community Solutions Fund for Healthy Child Development. (Find out who represents you here.)