#HealthForAllKids Bill Passes in California

From our friends at First Focus

Introduced in 2015, Senate Bill 75 will extend healthcare coverage for all children in the state of California regardless of their immigration status. The bill was signed into law on May 16, 2016, making California the fifth state, along with Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C and Washington state to guarantee healthcare for 100 percent of its child population. The state estimates that at least 185,000 children will now be eligible to enroll in #Health4AllKids, as part of an expansion of its existing Medi-Cal Child Healthcare program.

CA State Senator Quote

A cornerstone program, the expansion allows for full comprehensive benefits including regular and preventative care and treatment, dental care, and mental health treatment including behavioral health treatment (BHT) for children with autism. In the long term, advocates hope that this is the beginning to ensuring that all Californians have health coverage and access to quality health care.

With primary elections quickly approaching, it is important that such conversations are brought to the forefront. Join the conversation: #HealthForAllKids, #Health4All.

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