Introducing… Protect Our Vote!

We’ve come a long way but apparently not long enough. The run-up to this election is being marred by voter suppression. Let’s work together to put this behind us.

Introducing Protect Our Vote, the weekly online round-up for voter protection in 2012.

This year marks the most important election for voter protection in over a century. Lawmakers have made it harder for millions of Americans to vote. There is no question, it is absolutely necessary for all of us to stay in the know between now and November.

Advancement Project is leading the fight against those who are making it harder to vote. As part of our effort, we are excited to be introducing to the very first edition of Protect Our Vote, a weekly update of the voter protection scene across the United States between now and the Election. Protect Our Vote will be chock full of the most important and powerful stories from the week. We’ll keep you updated on what is happening everywhere from the courts to the streets. 

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Without further ado … Protect Our Vote!


56 Days Out and Three Big End-of-the-Summer Wins

TAKING BACK THE VOTE IN TEXAS – A few days back, resulting from a push and litigation by Advancement Project and other civil rights organizations, a federal court rejected Texas’ voter ID law, finding that “it imposes strict, unforgiving burdens” on Latino and African American voters.  Up to 1.4 million eligible Texans without ID no longer face an undue burden on their vote. Click here to get the full story.

RESTORING RIGHTS IN OHIO – Following Advancement Project litigation, a decision was made that reversed the disenfranchisement of thousands of eligible Ohio voters, a District Court judge agreed and struck down thestate’s “wrong precinct” law – which accounted for 14,000 thrown-out ballots in Ohio. Read the story here.

FAIRNESS WON IN FLORIDA – Ahead of this election, Florida lawmakers cut down on early voting (disproportionately impacting the Black and Latino vote) and imposed strict limits on third-party registration groups (impacting student voters, and voters of color). As the summer came to a close, civil rights organizations pushed back in the courts and won: local judges blocked both the limits on early voting and third-party groups.

—Bottom of the Ballot (Bottom of the Ballot will be a few must-reads and tools, handpicked by Advancement Project staff for your voter protecting pleasure)