Let’s bring back the American dream for Iowa’s kids

All children are special; they are not a special interest. But because today’s politics are too often skewed by big money from special interests, the needs of children, youth and families are often set aside.

That’s why we invite you to join our initiative to spotlight children’s issues in Iowa during this caucus year as part of Every Child Matter’s non-partisan campaign to make investments in kids a national political and budget priority.

We know that most Iowa kids are doing fine, but thousands are not. Of the 724,032 children under 18 in Iowa:

  • 115,000 live in poverty (2013);
  • 175,000 receive government-funded health care (2011);
  • 30,000 have no health insurance (2013);
  • 11,345 are victims of child abuse and neglect; and 5 Iowa children were killed by abuse in 2013 alone.
  • 28% of 4th Graders score below Basic Reading Levels (2013).

Furthermore, many do not have access to pre-school education, child care, or after-school programs. Millions of children across the country are facing the same problems.

Every Child Matters has had operations in Iowa during numerous recent election campaign cycles.  This year the organization plans once again to engage the public and candidates on children’s issues. Among the planned activities are:

  • Conducting polls and focus groups
  • Meeting with the candidates to talk about children’s issues
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Asking candidates their views on children’s needs at public events

We hope you will join Every Child Matters in Iowa as we bring attention to children’s issues and the candidates’ views on how to address them.