Iowa Poll Released

Today, the Every Child Matters Education Fund (ECMEF) released results of a poll taken of Iowans likely to vote in the presidential election of 2012. A national children’s advocacy organization with a field office in Iowa, ECMEF commissioned Mason-Dixon Polling and Research to gauge Iowans’ opinions about issues facing children and families.

ECMEF President Michael Petit revealed the results in front of an audience of children’s organizations gathered at the Maddie Leavitt Center on the United Way Campus. He said, “This poll shows clearly that Iowa voters are concerned about the future of their children and want more not fewer federal investments in their children’s future.”

The poll surveyed 629 Iowans – a random sample of 400 likely general election voters statewide and an oversample of 229 likely Republican caucus goers. A poll summary, including methodological notes, is available here, and top line results are available here

Among the key findings are: 

• Voters hold negative views on the status and future of children and don’t believe leaders in Washington are doing enough to address their well-being. 50% of all voters believe the lives of children in America have gotten worse over the last decade; 54% think children will be worse off when they grow up than people are now. 58% think our political leaders in DC are not doing enough to ensure the health, education and well-being of children today, although 75% of GOP caucus goers do not believe that is the case.

• Voters want candidates for office to make greater investments in children, not cut them and voters of all persuasions find issues of child-well-being important to them when they vote. However, general election voters and swing voters (41%) are more likely than Republican caucus goers (25%) to say that children’s issues will be their primary issue. 

• Voters overall, particularly general election swing voters, say they are more likely to support candidates for office who propose specific investments in children. Republican caucus goers are most supportive of candidates wanting to address child abuse prevention and more affordable college but are not supportive of candidates advocating for other programs.

Again, the poll summary, including methodological notes, is available here, and top line results are available here.