Join Our Digital Dialogue

If you’ve been reading the Every Child Matters blog, you know we’ve been working hard in Iowa and New Hampshire to make kids a central issue in the presidential campaign. We now have most of the candidates on the record, and a few have even sat down with the Every Child Matters community for more extensive discussion on the issues affecting children.

While this is promising, it’s not enough.

That’s why today we’re launching Digital Dialogue, an online initiative to elevate the conversation in this election around the opportunity gap and other key issues facing America’s children.

Polls sponsored by Every Child Matters and our partners show the public believes there’s no higher priority the next president must address than the health, safety, well-being and opportunity of children. Voters don’t believe the current presidential campaigns are addressing those issues satisfactorily.

Digital Dialogue provides a platform for voters to engage directly with the candidates on the issues that matter most. It includes a snapshot of every candidate’s statements, actions and stances on a range of issues affecting kids and working families, all taken from the public record. There’s also a tool for engaging candidates to learn more about their positions. Click here to learn more and join the Digital Dialogue.

Help us make children as much of a priority to these campaigns as they are to the rest of us!