Join Our Digital Dialogue

American voters say that kids’ well-being should be a top priority for our next president.

But they aren’t satisfied that candidates are talking enough about issues related to children, their opportunities and futures.

That’s why we want to create a Digital Dialogue between voters and presidential candidates about policies affecting kids.

We hope you will check out the brief snapshots presented here for each of the two major parties’ presidential candidates – a sample record of what they’ve been saying and doing on some issues that we at Every Child Matters have worked on for years.

And then we hope you’ll engage with the candidates and their campaigns via social media, or perhaps in person at a campaign event in your state.

We hope this Digital Dialogue builds a greater awareness about kids issues and improves the quality of debate about them!

Tell Presidential candidates to make kids the central issue during this election cycle – just like it already is for you!

Click through our Digital Dialogue toolkit to see where the candidates stand on our issues! And click here to view our social media toolkit!

Download the sample graphics below for social media use:






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