Join us to Protect New Hampshire Children and their Families

Members of the New Hampshire House Finance Committee have proposed slashing many of the health and safety programs that serve and protect New Hampshire’s children and families, as well as the communities in which they live and work. The proposed cuts far exceed the moderate cost reductions needed to balance the state’s biennial budget.

Some of the cuts include:

➢ $117 million to the Department of Health and Human Services including:

  • Developmental Disability Services – $52 million cut
    • The developmental services system joins with local communities to support individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders and their families.
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services – $6 million cut
    • The goal is to prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse across all age groups, including underage drinking and the misuse and abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs, and to reduce the burden of substance abuse and related consequences for communities.
  • Emergency Shelters – $4 million cut (a 50% cut in funding)
    • 4,760 persons were sheltered in state-funded programs last year.
    • This includes 689 families, including 902 children.
  • Allows the NH Health Protection Program (Medicaid Expansion) to sunset on 12/31/16
    • More than 39,000 (currently enrolled) low income adults will no longer have access to health insurance. Children need healthy parents to help them grow.

➢ $13.4 million in cuts to the University of New Hampshire System.

  • NH comes in 2nd in the nation for student-loan debt
  • NH is 6th highest in nation for in-state tuition costs

The end result equals more than $200 million in cuts to General and Education funding.

We cannot allow these cuts to happen. Why? Gutting critical health and safety programs will downshift costs onto homeowners, towns, and each and every one of us.
ACT NOW to STOP these unnecessary budget cuts that are harmful to New Hampshire’s children and families by adding your name to our petition.