July 2013 E-Letter

Every Child Matters- LI July E- Letter
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Dear Reader,

Summer time is a great time to schedule physicals and check ups with doctors.  This way children don’t have to use their school days to do so.  This month’s e-letter focuses on children’s healthca
re issues and actions.  Remember, your voice is a strong tool for enhancing the movement to REALLY make Every Child  Matter. 

Step Up Locally
As a concerned parent, community member, or business leader you may want to really understand how healthcare reform will be affecting small businesses.  In September the Healthcare Task Force will be having a meeting on Long Island to discuss just that.  Click here for more information about Action Long Island and what they do around healthcare.  Our kids need you to learn the facts about healthcare reform. 

Step Up Statewide
The entire process of implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been filled with speculation and uncertainty from the start. Wherever the speculation takes us, it is worth clarifying that New York State is a special case, with different existing insurance practices and requirements than many other states.  Click here to read more from the New York State Health Foundation about what New Yorkers  can except in from healthcare reform.    

Step Up Nationally
The American economy cannot function efficiently without quality health insurance.  Uninsured children are almost five times more likely to delay medical care and four times as likely to go without eyeglasses or medicines. Some lose their hearing because a preventable infection was not treated. Many are not immunized against easily preventable communicable diseases. Simple health problems become major ones.  Click here to contact your representative and let them know how you feel about healthcare for the youth. Click here to read more of the Homeland Insecurity report.

Other Issues, Actions, Updates, Resources, etc.

Shanequa Levin
ECM-LI Director