Last Week's Event in Alexandria

Every Child Matters was pleased and proud to hold our first fundraising event in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday night, November 28.

Enormous thanks go out to our hosts, Brooke & Chris Curran, and all our guests, especially our Co-Hosts, Host Committee members, and Sponsors.

We exceeded our goals for the evening! A great night was had by all. Both former Sen. George Mitchell and Mayor Bill Euille offered inspiring remarks.  In addition, ECM President Michael Petit gave a moving overview of the work we do and the challenges we face.

In particular, Michael spoke about the 2000 or so children who die every year from child abuse unnecessarily and the work we are doing to stop it.  He also mentioned that we will be in Virginia in 2013 educating the public about the need to expand Medicaid and provide health coverage to more than 80,000 children.

Here’s a list of our ECM event stars:

Chris & Brooke Curran
Rob Dugger & Joan Huffer • Ed & Nancy Rice

Host Committee
Former U.S. Rep. Tom Allen • U.S. Rep. Lloyd and Libby Doggett
Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille
Jim & Kellie Hock • Lori Morris • Rusty & Cindy Conner

Kevin Concannon • Rosalind & Arthur Friedman • Mary Jane Stickley