Let's #TalkPoverty Now

ECM, in partnership with Half in Ten, urges you to join our twitter campaign aimed at the presidential and vice presidential debate moderators.

September 25:

National Voter Registration Day

Why? With 16 million kids (that’s one in five!) living in poverty, we want the moderators to ask the candidates what they will do to alleviate child poverty.

With the first debate less than two weeks away on October 3 at the University of Denver, let’s raise our collective digital voice and tweet moderator Jim Lehrer.


Here are 2 Easy Ways to Tweet the Moderators:

Use Half in Ten’s one-click tweet to #TalkPoverty

Or, create your own tweet. To make an impact your tweet should include:

  1. Ask candidates how they’ll reduce #childpoverty in 1st #100days
  2. @NewsHour
  3. #TalkPoverty
  4. Your own statistic, picture, link to tell your own story—here’s an example:

And just think what an impact that would make if you had a child holding that same sign!

If you missed the webinar, check it out here. And thanks for joining the campaign to #TalkPoverty.