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December 2011 E-Letter


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Happy Holidays! As you gather around the table with your family, be sure to discuss what you can all do to help make every child matter on Long Island. Inform your family about the need for adults to become a voice for childrens’ issues.  Let them know how easy and gratifying it is.  Click here to find ways to be a voice for children.

This month’s issue focuses on poverty.  Read below for that and more. 

Issue of the Month: Child Poverty

The Challenge

1 in every 5 children on Long Island don’t have access to food all day.  Millions of American children are in low-wage families with parents who work full-time but simply cannot earn enough to provide for basic family needs.
The Investment
Provide a combination of tax credits and deductions, minimum wage increases, family allowances, subsidized health insurance, and child-care in order to guarantee that the household income of full-time, low-wage workers does not fall below the federal poverty level.
The Benefits
Improved school performance, lower child abuse rates, less crime and domestic violence, safer housing, healthier lifestyles, less substance abuse, lower prison rates, and numerous other improvements.


What is happening on Long Island:


The U.S. Census Bureau took a second stab at determining poverty levels for the nation.  But a realistic crunch of the numbers specifically for Nassau and Suffolk counties is years away. That’s too bad, because, with the continuing strain on the middle class, th
e region can’t wait for numbers to craft a plan to deal with a growing crisis.  Click here to read more.


What is happening Nationally: 


*Data shows that not only are their millions of children who are  entering poverty but that many are entering deep poverty, where household income is less than 50% of the poverty level. Click here to read more.

*Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau released Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010 The report includes national data based on the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplements (CPS ASEC).  Click here to read the out the key findings. 


Organizations dealing with Poverty on Long Island:


ECM-LI Highlights

We have begun planning for the 2012 election year.  Child advocates are excited that the Presidential Debate will be held on Long Island, again! We look forward to keeping you up dated. In the meantime, check out our Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter pages. 

Advocacy Tip


This year while your children are writing dear Santa letters, pull up a chair right next to them and write a dear Mr. or Mrs. Representative letter on behalf of the children who live in poverty.
Click here to find out how to contact your representative. 


Child Poverty Has Risen to 16 Million in the United States of America
Child Poverty Has Risen to 16 Million in the United States of America

Call to Action


Call Congress Today

Help urge Congress to balance the budget the right way — by protecting the programs that help feed Americans struggling with hunger. Your voice can make a difference, click here to learn how.

 A Word From ECM-National


*Congressional Super Committee Fails.

What’s Next? 

After much fanfare and hoopla, the Committee created this summer to provide a plan to cut $1.2-$1.5 trillion in long-term debt missed their deadline. While we would have liked to see the Committee protect children’s programs and raise the revenue needed to secure our future and invest in kids, we believe that no deal is better than a bad deal. And we were headed toward a bad deal.  Click here to read more.

*ECM’s Awards Reception Gets High Marks

   And the winner is… 

child and food

…first and foremost, ECM and its work on behalf of kids.  Old and new friends gathering at a lovely venue surrounded by evocative photos of children and honoring two long-time children’s champions-what could be better!  For those of you who couldn’t make it, we invite you to watch a slide show of the event. Click here to read and see more.     


Parenting Tip


Making the Holidays Less Materialistic. 

“The gimmes” are all around us during the holiday season. It c
an be hard for kids – and parents – to look beyond all of the product-driven hoopla and remember what the holidays are really about.

It’s not the gifts but what’s behind them that’s important – the spirit of giving. Help your kids learn the fun of giving. Click here to read more about this from Kids Health. 

KTTA Highlight 


This month the Kids & Teens Take Action (KTTA) e-letter focuses on ways the youth can give back this holiday season.  Click here to view it, then share it with your kids or class.   

Click here to begin receiving that e-newsletter.

Grants & Information       


*The White House Office of Public Engagement and MTVU are proud to announce the first ever Campus “Champions of Change” Challenge.  For more info click here.  


*The 2012 Honor Roll will accept applications in two categories for service performed during the 2010-2011 academic year.  For more info click here. 


*In November 2011, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released, The Changing Child Population of the United States: Analysis of Data from the 2010 Census. This working paper explores the nation’s changing child population with data from the 2010 census. Click here to read more.

*My Benefits. gov, The fast and easy way to find out about many health and human services programs, if you are eligible and how to apply for them – anytime and anywhere.

National Conference on Volunteering and Service  Dec. 5, 2011 is the deadline for workshop proposals for the 2012 National Conference. 

December 2011 E-Letter
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Advocacy Events


WhoZero to Three
What: Ending Poverty:Practical Steps for those inspired by their faith.  Click here for more information.  




Who: The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless’

What23nd Annual “Keys for the Homeless” ConferenceClick here for more information.




Who:   The Long Island Housing Partnership’s

:   2011 Chairman’s Symposium. What We All Need To Know about Fair Housing Click here for more information.

Serena Wieder, Ph.D.
Foundations for the Future: Understanding Development – The DIR/Floortime Model 

Click here for more information.

Who: Parent From the Heart
What: Free Interactive Parenting Workshop Click here for more information. 



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