Long Island July Newsletter 2012

July 2012 E-Letter


Dear Reader,

his month’s e-letter focuses on the benefits of children’s programs.  Click here to jump to that section.

ECM-LI Highlights
*ECM is assisting Long Islanders and the Nation, with getting their message across to our presidential candidates

about kids issues this election year.  
*The Long Island office will be leading “The March For Every Child” this October.  Everyone is invited to participate.  Take this opportunity to get your message about children across to the presidential candidates. Click here for more information.  
*You can pick up a free Action Tool Kit from our office that will help you with your efforts to get others to be a voice for kids. Click here
to get yours.

*Click here to check out our website. 

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Call to Action  —–Got 15 minutes or less?

*Click here to sign a petition to help Nassau restore funds for Human Services.

*Click here to read about the effort to suspend the removal of hundreds of children from the state-subsidized child care program in Suffolk.

Awareness Strategies

Try to begin conversations about kids issues with two people in your circle.  Click here for conversation starters.   You can turn the points in this document into an informative conversation. 

Parenting Tip   

Click Here to read how you can encourage your child to have a summer of fun and learning with these five free and easy things to do.

Nominate Young leaders for an ambassador program click here. 

A Word From the National ECM Office
As a result of a congressional agreement passed last year, and the failure of Congress to make a long-term deal on spending and taxes, hundreds of children’s programs are facing massive cuts starting on January 1st of next year. Click here to read more.

BudgetThis Month’s Awareness:  The Benefits Of Children’s Programs.
Regular participation in high-quality after school programs has proven to lead to significant gains in standardized test scores and work habits as well as reductions in behavior problems among d
isadvantaged students. Click here to watch more about this. 

What’s going on Nationally
Deep cuts in spending on proven children’s health, education and social programs have already been made in many states.  More state cuts are forecast. And tens of billions in federal spending cuts are likely unless the public lets lawmakers know they want kids held harmless as adults try to fix the national economy.  Click here to read more. 

What’s going on StatewideSocial services advocates filed a federal lawsuit against Suffolk County in an effort to suspend the removal of hundreds of children from the state-subsidized child care program.  Click here to read to read more. 


What you can do Locally: HUMAN SERVICES FOR THE COUNTY’S MOST VULNERABLE CITIZENS WERE TAKEN HOSTAGE ON JULY 6, 2012.  Nassau County has terminated all County funded youth and family services and have made dramatic reductions to drug treatment programs. This decision was made in spite of the fact that these neighborhood based programs serve well over 50,000 people in our county.  Click here to sign a petition to help Nassau restore funds for Human Services.     



For additional information and things you can do, their are great  resources that have everything from guides to tips for parents, activity calendars, proclamations, ways to get involved, how to write a letter and more.  Among the great resources are:
Save Youth Programs
New York After School Network
Click here to find out how to register to vote or to download a voter registration form. Make your vote count this election year for kids. 

July 2012
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ECM-LI Highlights
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Parenting Tip
This Month’s Awareness
Awareness Events


Below are community events which are also great places for you to wear your ECM awareness t-shirt while. Click here to find out more about the awareness  t-shirt pledge. 


Who: White House
  Let’s Move! Olympic Fun Day.  Click here to find out more. 


Who: Legislative hearing in Nassau
What:  August 6th come and show your support for restoring funding to children’s services.

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