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March 2012 E-Letter


Dear Reader,

Sometimes life gets busy and we often find ourselves not having as much time as we’d like for other important things.  ECM-LI would like to share some time conscious ways for you to be involved with making Every Child Matter on our island that’s easy and gratifying.  This months issue focuses on how ECM-LI can help you enhance your voice for children in a time conscious way.  Click here to jump to that section.

ECM-LI Highlights
ECM-LI is delighted to introduce new staff members Lisa Votino-Tarrant, Donna Risbrook, and Kathryn Reed.  They are going to be reaching out to Long Islanders to help enhance the voice, public and political will for children. Click here to read more about Lisa, Donna, and Kathryn.

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Call to Action

If you haven’t yet signed our petition urging Congress to pass legislation for reducing child abuse and neglect fatalities please click here to do it now!
Click here to find out more about the act.

Awareness Strategies

*Wear a step up for kids sticker while participating in your schools budget meetings.  Call us at 631-885-8044 to get your sticker.

*Have your scouts hand out an “I’m Voting For Kids” bumper sticker with their cookie orders.  Click here to receive free bumper stickers for your troops orders or for yourself.

A Small Win for Advocates

In February, the Obama Administration released its budget proposal for 2013. While not every federal children’s program is funded at the levels needed, the budget makes substantial new investments in areas supported by ECM. Click here to read more.  

Parenting Tip


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”
 ~ Margaret Mead 
We live in a unique time in history.  It is one rich with strife and angst, but also opportunity, joy, and creativity.  It is what we choose to focus on and nurture that will carry our children through their lives.  Click here to read more.

Voice of the Month InterviewMeet Carol Burnett.

Q Why do you feel our government should invest in kids?

“Our government needs to invest in children to support initiatives that foster curiosity and a love of learning for our children in order for them to become educated, engaged and empowered members of the community/society/world.”


Q Why should others care about children’s issues?

A Education is the key to breaking the continuous cycle of poverty that is so evident in our country. Others need to care and support education which will inspire a child’s need to learn beyond limited boarders. Education is  the key which unlocks the doors of hopes and dreams which will eventually  lead to success.

  *Carol is a  finalist for a Contest where the Long Island Head Start could receive $10,000.  Please click here to vote and support Long Island Head Start.*

Click Here to Read the Full interview.


BudgetThis Month’s Awareness:  How YOU can help be a voice for kids!!

*We’ve talked about it for a while and it’s finally here!  The staff at Every Child Matters-LI has created the, “ECM-LI Community Table”.  It’s a place where individuals who’d like to help with the movement to spread a a non-partisan message about “Investing In Kids” come to be a voice for kids and to collaborate with others.  Their goal is to enhance the voice, public and political will for children. 

Here are some key facts about the Community Table:

*You can enhance your voice for kids in your own place or space.
*You have the option to attend quarterly meetings to build community solidarity and to collaborate with others on Island wide projects.
*You can pledge to use ECM-LI strategies for as short or as long as you can.
*There are ways for children, adults, families, groups, scouts, organizations, businesses, elected officials and so on to be involved.

*There are strategies for all.

Community Table Teams & Partnerships: 

Street Team  

Members help bring a visible presence to infants and children’s issues on Long Island as well as voter awareness through paper messaging.    

Action Team   

Members circulate the verbal ECM-LI message to Long Islanders by informing them that children need adults to be their voice.  They communicate with local and state representatives in order to hold them accountable to children.

Community Partners

Partners (businesses, organizations, non-profits, etc.) collaborate with ECM-LI to bring awareness to specific childrens issues on Long Island.  They enhance their current networks/members voice for children by incorporating ECM-LI awareness strategies. 

Click Here to read more about the Table

Click Here to be part of the Table

Opportunities for the youth to get involved: 

Click Here for the Soul Points Reward Program
Click Here for the Scouts Patch Program

Click Here for Community Service Opportunities 

Quick Opportunities for all: 

Click Here to find out about an awareness t-shirt pledge

Click Here Display an awareness bumper sticker 

Click Here to display awareness posters in your community or

February 2012 E-Letter
In This Issue
ECM-LI Highlights
Call to Action
Awareness Strategy
Federal Budget & Children
Parenting Tip
This Month’s Awareness
Grants & Information
Awareness Events


Below are community events which are also places that you can wear your ECM awareness t-shirt (contact us to take the t-shirt pledge). 


Who: Alliance for Quality Education
:  Albany Education Day  Click here to read about it.    

Who: Nassau and Suffolk Childcare Council’s

What:   Long Island Early Care & Education Day in Albany. Click here to read about it.

Phone: Can’t make it, you can still support their efforts with a follow up phone call to Albany.  Click here for call information.
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News on Long Island


Reports on LI

 More About Us

Request an “I’m Voting for Kids” Bumper Sticker
Request an “I’m Voting for Grand Kids” Bumper Sticker
Request an Awareness T-Shirt or Poster
Find out who represents you
Sign a petition or write a letter for kids  

Grants & Information       

*ServiceVote is YSA’s
U.S. election-year campaign to engage young people, ages 5-25, in the political proccess by connecting with their peers, voters, and candidates.  Click here to read more.


*Race to Nowhere Between March 5 and 11, 2012, in honor of National Sleep Awareness Week, “Race to Nowhere” will be available to physicians and medical professionals across the country via a free, online live stream.  Click here to read more.  

*Stand and Deliver Contest
Long Island Head Start will receive $10,000 from Merz Aesthetics, the sponsor of this contest with your support and vote.  Click here to vote for Carol Burnett and the LI Head Start.



Check Friday’s Newsday to see, share, or spark up a conversation about our ad with your friends, family and neighbors.   

Have a Great Weekend!!

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