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May 2012 E-Letter

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Dear Reader,

We have revamped our website.  It’s so easy to use, whether you have 15, 30 or 60 minutes to be a voice for kids, the ECM-LI website can assist you.  We are super excited about the new look and support, click here to check it out!!This month’s e-letter focuses on how you can give a voice of support for Child Poverty Prevention .  Click here to jump to that section.
ECM-LI Highlights*ECM-LI had a wonderful presentation a couple of weeks ago.  Panelist shared their experiences about being a voice for children.  ECM gave participants easy tools to strengthen their voice for kids in their own area and collectively.
 -Please join us for our Nassau presentation on May 30th at the 
  Rockville Centre library.  We will update you with the time in the 
  near future.*We are planning a fun an exciting civic engagement event for the whole family.  It will be held at Hofstra University.  Along with meaningful civic engagement activities, families will enjoy a performance by Casey Carle of BubbleMania.  Save the Date:  June 23rd, click here for more details and click here to register!!!*Our website has new look.  Click here to check it out.
*Don’t forget to check out our Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter pages. 

Call to Action

Please contact your Representative and tell them to vote NO on their planned budget cuts against kids. Tell them to propose ways to reduce child hunger instead of taking away school lunches. Click here to read more.
Awareness Strategies

*Write a letter to your local media source about child homelessness,
Click here to read an article for you to respond to.  In your response share your thoughts about child homelessness.*Click here to learn how to advocate to end Child and Family Homelessness. 

Parenting Tip

Click here to read the article an article about tThe value of teaching kids about poverty. 
BudgetThis Month’s Awareness:  Be a voice for child poverty preventionAs of 2011, right here on Long Island, 1 in every 5 children didn’t have enough healthy food to eat all day long.  

What’s going on Nationally:

Americans love their children and grandchildren. But many are unaware that a widening ‘national investment gap’ in health and social programs is contributing to a wide ‘child well-being gap’ among the states. How wide? In a comparison of states using ten indicators of child well-being, children in the lowest ranking states are:Three times more likely to live in poverty.
Three times more likely to die between the ages of 1-14.
Eight times more likely to be incarcerated.
Click hereto read the full Geography Matters Report. 

What’s going on Statewide:
Closing the disparities in child well-being among the states is achievable. Targeted investment strategies over a decade and longer will be required, strategies whose chances of success are greater if they are jointly arrived at between state and federal lawmakers. But as necessary as joint partnership is, it cannot rely solely on voluntary cooperation-the lives of too many children are at stake. Global competitiveness, erasing historical inequalities, and better care for an aging population will be the
principal benefits from closing the gap.

What you can do locally:  

Do your part to help end child poverty by talking to others friends about it, writing letters to the editor and your representative.  Also speak to with local candidates and ask them a few questions about how they plan on doing their part to end child poverty.  Click here for sample questions. 


For additional information and things you can do, their are great  resources that have everything from guides to tips for parents, activity calendars, proclamations, ways to get involved, and more.  Among the great resources are:
Feeding America Blog
The Health & Welfare Council of Long Island
Nassau-Suffolk Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. 
May 2012
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ECM-LI Highlights
Call to Action
Awareness Strategy
Parenting Tip
This Month’s Awareness
Awareness Events

Below are community events which are also great places for you to wear your ECM awareness t-shirt while. Click here to find out more about the awareness  t-shirt pledge. 


Who: Child Care Supporters
:  Tell your story at about child care…or just come out for support!  Click here to read about it. 


Who: Every Child Matters-LI
What: BubbleMania Civic Engagement Event for Families.   Click here for more info.

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