Long Island September Newsletter 2012

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Every Child Matters-LI September E-Letter
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ECM-LI Highlights
Call to Action
Awareness Strategy
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A Word From The National Office Of ECM
This Months Awareness
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It’s not to late to register to vote!!  Click here to do it right now while you have the time.  This month’s e-letter focuses on the importance of the almighty VOTE!  Click here to jump to that section.
ECM-LI Highlights

ECM supporter Tonya Thomas took the message of making kids matter to the streets.  Click here to see how she galvanized her two daughters and several of their school friends.  Together they walked through the streets of their community asking people to pledge their vote to kids.  Click hereto see how ECM-LI can assist you with enhancing your voice for kids.  

“The March For Every Child” is next week.  It’s not to late to sign you or your group up.  Click here for more information. 
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Call to Action
Click here for information on, Let’s #TalkPoverty Now!!  ECM, in partnership with Half in Ten, urges you to join our twitter campaign aimed at the presidential and vice presidential debate moderators.
Awareness Strategy
If you’re registering to vote for the first time, when you fill out the form do it in front of someone.  Explain to them why you feel participation matters. 
Parenting Tip

Click here for “A Parent’s Guide to Talking About the Presidential Election”. 

A Word From The National Office Of ECM
Get Kids on the Platform! 2012 Election Freebies  
As we work to raise the visibility of children’s issues in this important election year, we hope you’ll consider joining us in several activities. They can be done on location in person or from the comfort of home. Click here to check them out.
monthsawarenessThe importance of the almighty VOTE
One of the easiest ways to be a voice for kids is by voting.  Make sure you are registered to vote.  Then on election day, go out and vote for someone who will invest in kids.  
Kids don’t have a voice in Albany or in Washington.  One of the reasons they don’t have a voice is because they can’t vote.  But guess what?  YOU can vote.  You can be a child’s voice.  
What’s going on Nationally  
Use your vote to contribute to those who are electing candidates who will do something about the millions of infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers who lack access to affordable, high-quality early care and education opportunities. 
Help kids by voting for someone who will do something about the 16 million plus children and youth living below the poverty line; and the millions more who are in low-wage families with parents who work full-time but simply cannot earn enough to provide for basic family needs.   

What’s going on State Wide
NYS is under an educational crisis.  Class sizes have grown, school buildings have been closed, and schools have cut advance placement courses, tutoring, career and technical education, arts, music, sports, foreign languages, kindergarten, per-kindergarten, high school electives and more.  Click here to read more. 

What’s going on Locally 
Do you have 15 minuntes or more to be a voice for children?  If so join Every Child Matters – LI  in The March for Every Child on Thursday October 4th at Hofstra University at 11am. Activities include the unifying March, free admission to the Children’s Museum and free raffle prizes. Let’s all march together with signs that show we care about children’s needs.  Let’s let the candidates know that if they want our vote they will have to invest in kids!  This Step Up For Kids Day do your part to make children matter. Click here for more information. 

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For additional information and things you can do, there are great  resources that have everything from voter registration forms to, how to make your vote count guides, reports, statistics, ways to get involved, how to write a letter and more.  
Among the great resources are:
Remember, you can use your vote to elect candidates that will invest in our children.  If you’re still not convinced kids need YOU to use your vote on them,  click here to read the ECM Homeland Insecurity report. 

Shanequa (Shea) Levin
Every Child Matters-LI