Make Oregon kids an election year priority

Kids don’t have a powerful voice in politics, but public leaders are making decisions everyday that impact whether or not they will get a fair shot to succeed. As the November 4 election approaches, it will be up to Oregon voters to tell the candidates running for office that our kids matter.

Today we are launching the Oregon Kids’ Election Center to help make our children’s future a voting priority this year. The site offers a district-by-district look at how families are faring, plus tools you can use to call on candidates and elected officials to support real opportunities for Oregon’s children and families. 

Our prosperity in the next twenty years rests on the children who just entered kindergarten. Whether they learn their letters and numbers this year, develop at a healthy rate, graduate from high school on time, and go on to future success depends on decisions made in this year’s election and next year’s Legislative Session. Our high rate of child poverty, however, means that one in every four Oregon children is already facing an uncertain future.

When our state priorities leave so many children behind, close doors to human potential, and block the pathways that strengthen our economic engine, those decisions have a lasting impact on our state. Visit the Oregon Kids’ Election Center to learn how you can be a voice and a vote for kids.