March for Every Child

Join Long Islanders as they unite and march from Hofstra University to the Long Island Children’s Museum with various rally signs that let the presidential candidates know that we don’t want them to cut kids programs, we want them investments for kids.  Join us and let your voice be heard for every child while marching with a purpose and enjoying Free hours at the Long Island Children’s Museum.

The March will be held on Thursday October 4, 2012 which is two weeks prior to the 2012 Long Island Presidential debate at Hofstra University. Our message is simple: We want our presidential candidates to know that the well being of kids needs to be a political priority.

At the debate we want them to tell voters where they stand on children’s issues like: child poverty, child abuse & neglect, quality & affordable childcare, and so one.  We want them to let voters know how they plan to address the issues children face, so that way voters can cast their vote for the right candidate for kids. We are partnering with schools, organizations, towns, and community centers as well as other community voices for kids.