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Dear Reader,

It’s May a.k.a. register for summer programs time!!  With the loss in funding to youth services, finding affordable programs to combat the decrease in learning that occurs during the summer months may be even more challenging.  Click here to jump to the issue of the month section which highlights the afterschool issue.

Call to Action
Turn your vote into action for kids by showing your support for schools.  Make sure you’re there to take part in your school districts Budget vote next week.  Without your support, schools could face even steeper cuts then what we’ve already seen.  

Awareness Strategy
Click here to contact your member of Congress and tell them NO CUTS to child nutrition, and NO CUTS to SNAP in the Farm Bill. Click here to read more. 

A Word From The National Office of ECM
On March 1st of this year, the United States Congress allowed a series of mindless across-the-board cuts to nearly every government program. Some of the cuts took place immediately and some are only beginning now. Click here to read more. 

Need Extra Hands?  
-The United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk located in Hauppauge will  

come to your location, pick up materials that need to be stuffed into bags or envelopes, stuff them for you, and then drop them  off to most Long Island destinations. All at no cost to you!  How kind of them.  Contact Roberta at or 631-232-0011

Parenting Tip  

Show your children what it means to take part in the community that they live in.  Click here   to read more, or to join Jobs For Justice tomorrow for post Hurricane Sandy door knocking to assess our communities.

IssuesIssues: Beyond The School Bell
As many as 15 million children are on their own after school. Among them are an estimated 1 million in grades K  through 5. On school days, the hours from 3-6 pm are peak hours for kids to smoke, drink and experiment with drugs; to become crime victims; to be in car accidents; or to commit crimes. The millions of children and teens who begin self-care at young ages are at increased risk of poor educational and behavioral outcomes. Regular participation in high-quality afterschool programs has proven to lead to significant gains in standardized test scores and work habits as well as
reductions in behavior problems among disadvantaged students.
Click here to read more of the Homeland Insecurity Report.

-What’s going on Locally

With the summer approaching (a critical time for youth) it’s important for you, the public, to lend your voice to children. Click here to contact your Nassau County Legislator, and to contact County Executive Mangano call 516-825-4200.  Let them know how you feel about the loss of 35% of funding which effected children’s services, and so much more. Because of this loss, it’s  impossible for the agencies to effectively run summer programs.  As a result, the kids are left with no organized activity for two months.  Contact the Nassau County Coalition of Youth Services  for more information.

-What’s going on Statewide

NYSAN seeks to build a statewide system with the infrastructure required to support and sustain high-quality afterschool, summer programs, and other Expanded Learning Opportunities. The system must be: Comprehensive in providing inclusive supports for children’s learning and healthy development throughout the state….click here to read more.

-What’s going on Nationally  
Now is the time to reach out to your Members of Congress calling for their support of afterschool programs as they consider the FY2014
spending bills.  Contact your elected officials and make the case for support and funding of school and community based before-school, afterschool and summer learning programs, that inspire learning, keep young people safe and help working families. Click here to read more and to take action.

Resources Resources 
There are great  resources online that that give you facts, data and ways to take action.  Among the great resources are:
Nassau County Coalition of Youth Services
New York State Afterschool Network
The National Afterschool Association
The Afterschool Corporation  

Would you like to get your family/friends involved in the support of school and community based before-school, afterschool and summer learning programs?  If so click here to contact ECM about hosting an informative house party at no cost to you!


Shanequa Levin
ECM-LI Director