National Advocacy Group Urges Public to Engage Candidates

Every Child Matters Launches Digital Dialogue Campaign to Elevate Kids Issues in 2016 Presidential Race
National Advocacy Group Urges Public to Engage Candidates

Washington, DC – Every Child Matters today launched Digital Dialogue, a new online initiative to elevate conversation during the 2016 presidential election campaign around the opportunity gap and other key issues facing America’s children. Digital Dialogue includes a snapshot of each candidate’s statements, actions and stances on issues affecting kids and working families, as well as a tool for engaging candidates to learn more about their positions.

“With almost one in four U.S. children living in poverty, we want people to review these snapshots and ask candidates for more information on how they’ll help ensure that every child in America has the opportunity to succeed,” said Brian Ahlberg, President of Every Child Matters.

According to a 2014 NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, 76 percent of Americans do not feel confident that their kids will have a better life then the current generation. A recent poll of Iowa voters found that 2016 presidential candidates are failing to address the need to provide better opportunities for our kids in the lead up to their first-in-the-nation caucus. ECM hopes that, with the help of the Digital Dialogue, candidates will give issues like the health, education and well-being of children the time and attention they deserve.

The Digital Dialogue includes candidate snapshots on equal opportunity; family and work; access to education; children’s healthcare, and children’s safety. In addition to child poverty, topics in the Dialogues include: childcare, early learning, college affordability, child abuse and neglect, gun violence, and parent paid sick and family medical leave.

“We’re trying to provoke lots of discussion directly between the public and candidates. We want to make the issue of children as central to both parties’ campaigns as it is to the rest of us,” said Ahlberg.

Each candidate snapshot was created using their public record, including transcripts, recordings of public appearances in 2015, news media mentions and comments made during direct public encounters with ECM’s staff members. Candidates were provided the opportunity to review and respond to these materials. ECM will provide updates as candidates expand on their positions on their websites and on the campaign trail.

Check out the Digital Dialogue here and download the Digital Dialogue toolkit here.