ECM National Exhibition Tour

Spotlighting Children’s Issues in the 2012 Election Using Art & History

In response to a surge in child poverty, homelessness, and other important child well-being indicators, Every Child Matters is planning a non-partisan public education initiative to spotlight the needs of children in 2012, and to challenge candidates for office to describe their plans for addressing those needs.


A core component of this initiative is a national tour that uses art to open people’s hearts and minds to the crisis facing America’s children.  We have 53 gallery-quality photographs chosen from an international photo competition conducted on behalf of ECM by the Colors of Life Foundation. Colors of Life is built on the premise that visual art can draw the public’s attention to the plight of children.

As Colors of Life President Amalia Pizzardi and ECM President Michael Petit state in the 2011 photo catalog:

“Upon discovery of the existence of our two small organizations, and learning that social justice and smart social policy are the goals of both Colors of Life and Every Child Matters, we decided to combine efforts and bring the status of children to the public’s attention through the powerful, if sometimes disturbing, medium of photography. Children everywhere are powerless. Their needs are easily pushed aside. We hope this photo exhibit will spark a renewed interest by powerful adults to ensure that all children receive respect and opportunities to learn and contribute—to ensure that every child matters.”

The photo finalists, as well as the top five winners, were selected on ECM’s behalf by the Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery. The winning photos are shown below. To see all 53 photos, click here.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Honorable
firstplace secondplace thirdplace honormention1 honormention2


Joining the photographs on the tour is our Presidents Helping Children display, which includes a video, a booklet, and 11 fact-filled, illustrated banners, all meant to inform the public about how earlier presidents and Congresses steadily advanced child well-being over the last century in areas of nutrition, health, education, and child safety.  Click here to see them in all their glory!


Both the photos and the Presidents Helping Children materials were exhibited in November at an event held at the House of Sweden honoring children’s champions T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. and former Senator Christopher Dodd. For a write-up of the reception and photos of the evening, click here. Since then the photos have been exhibited at the World Bank and at private galleries. The photos and the banners will be on display in May at the National Press Club.  To see the President Helping Children video and booklet, click here. 

As part of each exhibition we will hold a public forum where we can discuss with the press and the public the children’s issues that motivated creation of the exhibition.

The National Exhibition is scheduled to begin its tour officially this March with a special event in Washington, DC. It will then travel to key cities and regions in the country, including the presidential convention sites and debate sites.

You can help us reach our goal:

Starting with the next president, elected officials taking office in January 2013 should make new investments in the economic well-being, health, and education of children and families a national priority.

Host a Photo and Banner Exhibit Fundraiser

To help ECM further its mission, consider hosting an exhibition of the photos and ECM’s presidential banners and inviting your kid- and art-friendly friends and colleagues. ECM will help find a site, send and set-up the photos, take care of publicity, and provide speakers for the event. For more information, contact ECM President Michael Petit at or 202-223-8870.

Purchase a Winning Photo Catalog

To order  a photo book of the evocative Colors of Life-ECM Exhibit photos with descriptions (8 and ¾ by 11 and ¼ hard-cover featuring 29 of 30 photos) click here.

Donate $25 or More and Receive the Top Five Notecard Package

Donate a minimum of $25.00 and receive a packet of 5 notecards and envelopes featuring the five winning photos. What a great way to pass along the message about kids!