New Yorkers Voting for Kids!

Today is primary day for New York, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Not only will voters be selecting their choice for each party’s presidential nomination; residents of Long Island and Lower Manhattan will also have a chance to elect new members of the NY state legislature in today’s special election.

As one of the most delegate-rich states, New York is a key battleground for the presidential candidates of both parties. Republicans have 95 delegates up for grabs, so today’s results could determine whether they are heading for a contested convention in Cleveland. With 291 delegates on the Democratic side, tonight’s primary could all but decide the party’s nominee.

In addition to the presidential contests taking place today, voters on Long Island and in Lower Manhattan will have the chance to elect replacements for Sheldon Silver, the former State Assembly speaker, and Dean Skelos, the former State Senate majority leader, who were both convicted on corruption charges last year. With the current Senate nearly evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, Long Island voters today could determine which party takes control of the Senate.

Remember: New York’s primaries are “closed,” meaning that you have to be registered with one of the state parties to vote today. Find out if you’re registered and where to vote here.

Whether you’re just voting for president, or you have other choices to make down the ballot, make your vote count for kids today!