No Breaks for Parents Paying for Child Care

Yesterday, Child Care Aware of America released its annual report on the cost of child care in the U.S., Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2014. The bad news is that in the last eight years Child Care Aware has collected the data, child care remains “one of the most significant expenses in a family budget.” Because child care is provided during the crucial developmental years, it’s essential that it be of high quality.

Many parents of the 11 million children younger than five who are in some form of child care simply don’t have the funds to choose top-notch, vetted programs. Others might lack access.

But the report holds good news too. CCAA’s Executive Director Lynette Fraga says, “Thanks to several federal policy proposals before Congress and other federal agencies, we are on the cusp of great leaps toward improving child care in this country.”

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