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November 2011 E-Newsletter


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Dear Shea,

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their elective rights. ”  Guess what…?  Things are going wrong!  Long Island children need you to cast a vote on their behalf this November 8th.  We  have a government that balances budgets on the backs of our children.  On Long Island, children are going hungry, can’t access a quality education, and are being reported abused every 50 minutes. Half of all U.S. bankruptcies involve medical bills. Why are Long Islanders having to chose between having a secure place that kids can call a home, or having medical care for their kids?


We will let you in on a secret, are you ready?  Here it is… ALL ELECTIONS COUNT!! So go out and vote with kids in mind!!  Whether the election is for town, district, county, state or country, you can be the one to do as Jefferson trusted Americans to do; begin to set things right by using the peaceable exercise of your elective rights.   


On November 8th, go to the polls and make your vote count!! Cast your ballot for a candidate who will invest in kids today! Do some research, see where the candidates stand on childrens’ issues.  Click here to visit our website to read or view candidates responses on childrens’ insecurities.   Go to the debate tonight and ask the candidates questions about children.

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Click on image to see if you are registered to vote or to find your polling(voting) location. 


This months e-letter focuses on easy ways to let your support for every child during the 2011 election be heard. Please read below for more information about this topic and to learn what is happening locally on LI.

Issue of the Month: Be a Voice
For Children

We Vote…Because Our Kids Can’t.  Children don’t have a powerful voice in Albany or Washington; they depend on voters to ensure that the budget cuts don’t come down on their backs! Join in the fight for infants & children now! When you go to the polls, elect someone who will invest in kids! Be a child’s voice today and at the polls! 


What is happening on Long Island:

ISSUE:  Tax Cap Is Now Law 

New York State approved a measure that caps the increase to the tax levy by 2% or the rate of inflation whichever is lower.     


A tax cap is a cap on the total amount of money collected through taxes.  This is called the “tax levy”.              


A tax cap will directly limit the amount of money we can collect in taxes.  It does not limit the tax rate.  


IMPACT: The tax cap will force the school district to cut additional staff, programs, and services.  

Why?  Because our expenses are increasing and our revenue is not.


WHAT WILL REALLY HAPPEN:  Since some of our major expenses are increasing faster than 2% and our revenue is decreasing, the only way to keep the tax levy increase under the cap will be to cut staff, programs and services.

TAKE ACTION:  Contact your representatives

Your help is needed.   Tell our legislators that we are not going to stand for the destruction of our children’s education.   

(courtesy of the S. Huntington PTA)  


Click here to read more about this issue. 


ECM-LI Highlights

Every Child Matters on Long Island would like to thank those who participated in the 2011 Parents’ Convention.  Due  to active community engagement and interest in making children and families a national political priority, the candidates were made aware that Long Islanders want our representatives to invest in kids!  With over 150 participants including more than 20 organizations and businesses, and the involvement of 8 politicians from across Long Island, the 2011 Parents’ Convention certainly raised awareness of issues that matter. 

You can continue to be an advocate by volunteering with Every Child Matters to be a voice for children.  Voting with children in mind and by initiating projects that support the needs of the children and families in your own community.  We look forward to letting you know about upcoming ECM-LI events, including ways you can get involved.

Advocacy Tip



*VOTE for someone who will invest in kids!!!!

*Ask your neighbors and friends to vote with kids in mind.

*Change your Facebook profile picture to an I’ve voted image.  

Below is an image that you may use. 

i'm voting 

Call to Action


“Books Make It Better” Campaign   

Across the country, “Mom Congress” delegates and others are organizing book drives to support Reach Out and Read programs.    If you are interested in participating in the “Books Make It Better” campaign by setting up a local bookdrive, request a free BOOKS MAKE IT BETTER TOOLKIT at http://www.booksmakeitbetter.org/contact/   


County Executive Debate

Children need you to be their voice this.  Attend the Suffolk County debate TONIGHT at Central Islip Senior High School from 7-9.  Ask the candidates questions on childrens’ behalf.  Examples of some questions can be found if you  click here.

A Word From ECM-National  

Get Out to Vote!

Did you know that voting drops off as much as 30% during mid-term elections? This lack of action is unfortunate, as it’s during mid-terms that we elect all of our U.S. representatives and one-third of our senators. The elections are the gateway in our democracy for parents and advocates of children to let our elected leaders know we want candidates that demonstrably support and invest in children’s programs. Every Child Matters is working in numerous states to educate politicians, reporters, and voters on children’s issues. This collective effort will only be effective if everyone concerned about kids shows up and casts a ballot. Click here to read more. 

Parenting Tip


Promoting Independence

While 3- and 4-year-olds still need plenty of parental help, preschool experts agree that kids are typically able to do more than many of us think. Here’s how you can encourage them:

1. Expect more. Most people have a way of living up (or down) to expectations — preschoolers included. “At school we expect the kids to pour their own water at snack, to throw away their plates, to hang up their jackets — and they do,” says Jennifer Zebooker, a teacher at the 92nd Street Y Nursery School, in New York City. “But then they’ll walk out of the classroom and the thumb goes in the mouth and they climb into strollers.” Raise the bar and your child will probably stretch to meet it.  Click here to read more from “Parents” magazine.

KTTA Highlight 


This month the Kids & Teens Take Action (KTTA) e-letter focuses on ways the youth can give back this holiday season.  Click here to view it.     

-Don’t forget to sign up for our Kid & Teen version of this e-newsletter.  It speaks to them directly and gives them ways that they can get involved in advocating.  You can share the link or print it out for a kid or teen you know.  There are also things you can do with your class to advocate. Click here to begin receiving that e-newsletter.

Grants & Opportunities     


*YSA is currently accepting applications for three of their signature YSA Grant programs:

*DART is now accepting applications for 30 paid fellowships with the 2012 DART Organizers Institute. This Institute is a paid, field school created to recruit and train great community organizers, as well as, strengthen DART’s mission to build power and win justice. Graduates of the DART Organizers Institute have gone on to build powerful congregation-based community organizations capable of successfully challenging the economic, political and social systems that create and perpetuate injustice. You can find the application attached and qualifications for the program on-line when you click here.   

October 2011 E-Newsletter
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Advocacy Events


WhoZero to Three
What: Infants and toddlers are the largest single group entering foster care. During this pivotal period of development, maltreatment can alter brain architecture and lead to lifelong problems. This webinar will focus on Supporting the Development of Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare.  The need to infuse child welfare policies and practices for infants and toddlers with the science of early childhood development, highlighting a recent report, A Call to Action on Behalf of Maltreated Infants and Toddlers.

When:   Nov.17th 

Cost:     Free.  To contact Nora Tarr for more information click here.



Who: Noticia and the Long Island Civic Engagement Table

What: “Growing a Diverse Long Island: A Candidate Debate for Suffolk County Executive”  Candidates for Suffolk County executive will meet to debate about how to strengthen and support diverse communities on Long Island, answering questions from community members concerned with the economy, public safety, and social services, and hopefully opening a dialogue that will continue for years to come. 

WhereCentral Islip Senior High School Auditorium
When:  Tonight November 3, 7-9pm
Cost:   Free.  Further information is available from Noticia at 516-223-5678 or from the Long Island Civic Engagement Table at 917-494-5922. 



Who:    Long Island Youth Safety Coalition 
What:   Dangerous Driving Conference 
The team worked hard to get you the best Long Island resources for your programs and have created a superb event with a score of outstanding workshops.  Note that, although there is a school slant to the event, these resources are of great value to a broad spectrum of people including those in law enforcement, youth organizations, universities, and businesses. 
Where: Hofstra University
Cost:   Free for the first 100 participants. For more information contact René Fiechter at (516) 571-1090 or René.fiechter@nassauda.org 



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Don’t forget to bring a child with you to the polls to show them that participation matters.   Have a happy Turkey-Day!!   


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