#NVCaucus Twitter Chat

On Wednesday, the Nevada Children’s Advocacy Alliance held a twitter chat discussing the importance of participating in the upcoming Nevada caucus. CAA (@CAANevada) collaborated with Every Child Matters (@VotingForKids), MomsRising (@MomsRising), National Council of La Raza (@NCLR) and the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy (@NevadaChildren) for this chat. Several individuals also joined in to ask and answer questions about the caucus.

The first couple of questions that CAA Nevada asked were about the background of the Nevada Caucus. This caucus is the opportunity for Nevadans to select who the presidential nominees will be. Anyone who is registered to vote can participate. The registration deadline for Republicans has passed, but Democrats can register even on caucus day. The Democratic caucus takes place on February 20 and the Republican caucus follows on February 23.

The next two questions asked, “Why is it important to participate in the #NVCaucus?” and “How can caucusing affect change in Nevada?” @NCLR mentioned that Nevada is the first state with a high Latino population to vote for nominees so it is important for that community to participate. Participants in the Twitter chat agreed that every vote matters and every voice should be heard in the candidate selection process. Overall, they concluded that the caucus is a great opportunity to raise awareness of important issues.
CAA Nevada also asked about the major issues facing the United States. Healthcare, early education, immigration, and equal opportunity were some of the topics mentioned. Later on they asked about the major issues in Nevada specifically and the issues that impacted families. Several Twitter users brought up affordable childcare, the minimum wage, child welfare, and health insurance.
The chat concluded by discussing how to contact candidates that have not taken a stance on an issue. Every Child Matters created a #DigitalDialogue where voters can learn where the candidates stand and engage with them through social media. Visit our #DigitalDialogue to join the conversation.

To view the whole Twitter conversation, please visit https://storify.com/CAANevada/nvcaucus.