O'Malley Meets With Iowa Children's Advocates

Democratic hopeful Martin O’Malley met on August 14 with Iowa children’s advocates in Cedar Rapids – the third such face-to-face sit-down with a presidential candidate organized by Every Child Matters in Iowa this year.

The meeting was the third encounter for the former Maryland Governor with Every Child Matters during this campaign cycle. O’Malley readily engaged on issues such as early childhood education, calling it the best “return on investment when it comes to closing the gap on performance of our kids from wealthier households and poor households.”

Governor Martin O’Malley with
Every Child Matters’ Jill Applegate (L)
and Kelli Soyer (R)

The meeting generated substantial media coverage in Iowa, in what may be an emerging trend of substantive reporting on children’s policy issues.

Previously, in New Hampshire, O’Malley responded to Every Child Matters staff at a TV interview taping, indicating that he strongly supported paid sick and family medical leave policies, as well as at a Caucus Consortium candidate forum in Des Moines, Iowa on the question of the opportunity gap that keeps kids with lower income parents from having the same chances at achieving the American Dream as kids from higher income parents.

Also in Iowa, Every Child Matters last Thursday sponsored a “Vote for Kids” day at the State Fair in Des Moines, along with Save the Children Action Network. Hundreds of Iowa fairgoers joined in the engaging activities for kids of all ages, including:

  • sensory table for young children;
  • tattoos (temporary, of course);
  • an opportunity to test your knowledge about important issues;
  • and a chance to win a prize (Tickets to The Fray in the Fair Grandstand or a Back-to-School Gift Card).

Even though a recent statewide poll indicated that Iowa voters consider policies affecting kids to be the most important topic that needs to be addressed by presidential hopefuls during the Caucus and general election campaigns, no presidential candidates made it to our booth. Happily, kids made it clear what the most important office really is:

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