On Equal Pay Day, women speak out about the wage gap

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day, a holiday founded twenty years ago to raise awareness of the wage gap between women and men. The day is “celebrated” on April 12, the date by which the average woman earns as much as a man did the previous calendar year for the same work. Pay disparities are even worse for women of color, who have to work into August or even November (for Black women and Latinas, respectively) to catch up to white men’s previous-year earnings.

It’s time to end the wage gap. Women should be paid fairly for their work and able to provide for their families, and girls should grow up knowing that their talents and skills will be valued as much as anyone else’s.

Yesterday, women took to Twitter to bring attention to unfair pay and the harm it does to women, families, workplaces, and the economy.

Space Race

Senator Maria Cantwell—with backup from 30 Rock character Liz Lemon—helped to kick off the #EqualPayDay tweet chat. As she pointed out, we still have a long way to go to achieve pay equity for women.


Inspired by the U.S. Treasury Department’s decision to feature a woman on the new $10 bill, the American Association of University Women created an interactive tool so Twitter users could share what $10 really looks like for them.

LGBT Women

MomsRising, an organization of grassroots parent activists, tweeted throughout the day about the various ways that the wage gap harms families. In a series of tweets, they drew special attention to LGBT women and their families, who are especially vulnerable when they face the combined challenges of unequal pay and workplace discrimination.



The National Women’s Law Center staff reminded candidates that even though women only earn 79 cents for every dollar a man owns, our votes count just as much.

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