Looking for ways to empower your members, parents, youth, staff, etc.? ECM can help you engage them and strengthen their voice for kids!!

Read below for examples of what we can help you do:


  • Display – A non-partisan “Get Out The Vote” poster or stickers
  • Provide – ECM bumper stickers, voter registration forms, or pledge cards for your location 
  • Update–  ECM on local childrens issues so our supporters can help enhance the voice for the issue  
  • Help – Youth create a voice for themselves by getting involved with the ECM Street Team Rewards Program or our community service projects.
  • Pledge – To attach voter registration forms to all registrations and display them at events
  • Inform – Your network by creating an ECM bulletin board that displays informational materials about children issues, voter registration forms, etc.
  • Collaborate – On awareness events with ECM or with others at the “ECM Community Table” meetings.
  • Educate – Your members by letting ECM-LI give a presentation on how they can use 15 minutes out of their week to be a voice for kids.

And more!


“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to be a voice for children.”
                                                                                                   – Anonymous


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