Politico spotlights Every Child Matters advocate Jill Applegate

ECM Iowa Field Organizer Jill Applegate got some much-deserved recognition in today’s Politico.

After reporter Annie Karni followed Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to Waterloo last week, she wrote “Anatomy of a Clinton Rally,” describing the many types of characters one might encounter at such an event, from “the Superfans” to “the Secret Service.”

And for her profile of “the Advocate,” she interviewed our very own Jill Applegate, who attended the event to ask Clinton how she would make child care affordable for working families.

Read an excerpt of the Politico story below, and watch Jill’s entire exchange with Clinton here.

“We’re just caucusing for kids.”

On Wednesday, Jill Applegate, a field organizer for the non-profit Every Child Matters, made the two-hour drive from Des Moines to Waterloo to ask Clinton a question: “What can you do as President to make childcare more affordable?” Clinton said she supports paid family leave, and added: “we’ve got to get the cost of quality childcare down, and that requires more subsidies from the government.” Applegate said she’s an undecided voter, and posed the same question to Donald Trump.

She remained mum on who gave a better answer. “We’re just caucusing for kids,” she said. Clinton’s next event was filled with people in orange t-shirts that read “vote for clean energy” on their backs.

Read the rest of the Politico story here.