Presidential Campaign 2012


In addition to our campaign in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, we have been raising children’s issues across the country with our exhibition of children’s photos and former U.S. Presidents’ banners, both of which call attention to the plight of children. For more information on the tour, click here.

ECM also will continue to monitor federal budget activities regarding children and families and provide information on where the candidates stand on children’s issues.

We will hold events to attract attention to these issues throughout the campaign, including our national annual Step Up for Kids Day on September 20. In the fall, we’ll press nominees to address children’s issues during the debates, and in late fall, we’ll conduct extensive mobilizing and get-out-the-vote initiatives.

The Candidates

  Barack Obama 
Joe Biden
obama_portrait Joe Biden

Mitt Romney
Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan

Click here for a comparison of the candidates’ views on hungry and poor people.

Send a Message to the Candidates

To send a message, click on the candidate above you’d like to target, and find the email form. Here’s a sample email to conisder sending:

Dear Presidential Candidate,

Kids are our future. We need to invest in, not cut the programs that benefit America’s children and families. With 16 million children living in poverty, over 7 million without health insurance, over 3 million abused and neglected, and additional millions without early learning and after-school opportunities, we must address their needs now. Please include children and their needs on your campaign platform.

How to Make Your Vote Count

This guide presents information you can use to learn about the candidates’ positions.  Use it at candidate forums and in letters, emails, and telephone calls to the candidates.